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This sign was put up by a complete stranger who happened to hear about Jessie's story. Their yard is still decked out in pink flamingos, ribbons and bows everywhere. This one sign has generated much curiosity about Jessie and prompted many people to ask who she was. It even inspired a number of other signs to be anonymously put up around our town. This sign's owner, who did not know Jessie, raised money for The Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship that her Mom started

This sign keeps changing and is always surprising us. The manager is Matt, and he's really young and cute. You'd never believe it was he who came up with these sentiments, but he does. Matt's got a pretty big heart and some very loyal fans. Matt has never met Jessie. We LOVE Matt in Aledo!

Mr. Randall Hunt of Put-In Cups (www.putincups.com) donated all of these pink and white cups to our school so we could spell out 'Stuard Loves Jessie'. He was so nice and even sent us extras so we could make some hearts.

We were so tickled to see this sign on Jessie's parade through Aledo. This is the bank where Jessie's fund is at. There were a number of employees out front holding a big banner that said, "We're banking on Jessie." We thought that was pretty funny.

We loved seeing their special sign they made just for Jessie's Big Send Off!

One day a couple of weeks ago, this sign just popped up! We heard it was from an older couple in our community who, after inquiring about all the pinked out houses, heard Jessie's story and put up this sign.

There are a number of these signs all over the Aledo area. Rumor has it that a policeman tried to get the person to pull 'em up, but when he heard Jessie's story, he let them all stay!

Three weeks after Jessie had been gone from Aledo, out of nowhere this sign popped up at our favorite Taco place. No one there even knows Jessie. It's a really big sign way up in the sky - so everyone can see it! I bawled.