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Jessie         Imagine being told that your child has a very cruel and extremely rare brain disease, and the only hope for survival was the removal of half their brain. Cris and Kristi didn't know what to do, nor whom to speak with. Having access to a referral list of fellow parents going through this same nightmare, would have meant the world to them.

        There was no foundation or charity in place to seek for organized support or the distribution of educational materials. They searched the internet during long, sleepless nights to learn all they could about Jessie's disease, Rasmussen's Encephalitis and the most difficult brain surgery ever performed - a hemispherectomy. As incredible and amazing as this surgery is, even more unbelievable is that there is no organization dedicated soley to helping these children

        Through chat rooms and their blog, they met people who were going through the same turmoil. Cris and Kristi found great strength and support in speaking with these families who were suffering as they were, and as you can imagine, friendships were formed. Having someone to walk with them on this painful journey, greatly touched Cris and Kristi's heart. They wanted to do the same for others- but there had to be an easier way.

        The Hemispherectomy Foundation is dedicated to those children who have undergone a hemispherectomy, and their families who also are so greatly affected. We wish to create an environment where families come together, share experiences and lend support to those also suffering from the effects of this radical brain surgery.

        We plan to host conferences for the families and camps for the children. Our goal is to also help those patients who may need additional medical equipment, or life aids. In short, as an organization, we want to meet the unmet needs of these children and their families. On a greater scale, we wish to fund research on the many diseases which may cause a child to need a hemispherectomy in the first place.

        Please know it is our core belief that every penny donated to this foundation, will go to the children! Everyone associated with The Hemispherectomy Foundation is a volunteer who is privileged to serve these families.

        If you would like more information regarding The Hemispherectomy Foundation, please contact us at info@hemifoundation.org or at

The Hemispherectomy Foundation

PO Box 1239

Aledo, Texas 76008-1239

Keeping in Touch

        Our main goal as The Hemispherectomy Foundation is to provide comfort, strength and support to all families who have been affected by their child having received a hemispherectomy. From the family that has just learned their child needs this surgery, to those further along the path - we each offer the gift no one else can - our experience. If you would like to reach out and help someone on this same path, or if you have questions that need to be asked, there is an online chat group available at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/rs_hemispherectomy/

        There is also a group of individuals who have been getting together for reunions and conferences. Their website is at http://www.hemispherectomy.info/

Hemi Family Directory

        If you would like, please send your name and contact information for a directory we are compiling. This directory will not be available to anyone other than those families listed therein and available only through private access. In doing this, we hope to provide an extensive list of those families who are willing to be contacted by other hemi families in their area and for local events.

        Please send your information to be included to directory@hemifoundation.org

Prayer List for Kids

        We'd like to post your child's name who will have or is recovering from a hemispherectomy. We believe in the power and strength of prayer! Please include their name, city and date of their surgery.

        If you'd like, you can send us the address of the hospital where they are staying so they can get lots of cards of encouragement, faith and support!

Contact us at: prayerlist@hemifoundation.org

Gabrielle Janell Yambo had her hemispherectomy surgery done on 1/08/08

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