Jessie's Angels

      On May 9, 2008, Jessie's father Cris used this phrase in a speech during Jessie's Big Send Off at Stuard Elementary. He was thanking the community for what they had done, and said, "You're all angels - Jessie's Angels." - and it stuck! Whenever someone does a kind deed for Jessie, or the Hall family, they refer to these people as Jessie's Angels.

      It has been fun to hear about Jessie's Angels around the United States, Iraq, Suriname, Germany - the list grows daily. Random strangers approach the Hall family with warm sentiments in person, or on their blog, and Cris and Kristi feel they are bringing comfort from a loving Father in Heaven.

      We have been reading on Jessie's blog how Jessie's Angels are performing kind deeds for her and her family. Jessie's amazing spirit seems to strengthen and inspire us all to be better individuals, and draw nearer to God. If Jessie has inspired you or your group and you would like to leave a comment, or submit a picture of an inspired event you've done, we would love to share that with others!

Thank you Angels! Keep up the good work!

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Joey       This is Joey. He's now a 6th grader. Joey has sold lemonade and snacks for Jessie on numerous occasions and held a garage sale for her. Although he did attend the same school as Jessie, he did not know her. Joey just wanted to do this for a fellow Bearcat.

hall family       The Hall family is here with Michelle Bartee from Cracker Barrel in Weatherford, Texas. (She's in pink!) Michelle and her restaurant threw a carnival for 2 days, on behalf of Jessie. Neither Michelle, nor anyone on her staff knew her. Michelle's an angel in pink!

erin       This is Erin. She's a very special Angel to Jessie. Erin works for our local newspaper (www.community-news.com) and has been covering her story for months now. We're so appreciative of Erin and her fine reporting. She has brought Jessie's personal story to our entire town of Aledo and beyond. Erin has helped our town turn pink for Jessie. We love Erin!

firemen bob       This is Fireman Bob in the blue shirt. He lent his awesome fire truck to be the lead car in Jessie's escort/caravan the day she flew out. Fireman Bob still has the pink up on his fire truck even though Jessie's gone. This morning was the first time Fireman Bob met Jessie. (www.yellowfiretruck.com)
Fire Truck

Mc Guagh       This is Ms. McGaugh, Jessie's kindergarten teacher. She just got engaged! Jessie loves her so, so much! She was the perfect teacher.

Pink car       An angel owns this car, but doesn't want anyone knowing who he is. He drove the 'Jessmobile' all the way to Aledo to let Jessie be escorted home from school one day, after her Big Send Off. He has a very big heart! This car MADE Jessie's special send off!

Jessies Principal       This is Jessie's principal. She was born an angel. When Jessie had her biggest seizure (at that time) at school, this kind woman tried to get into the ambulance with Jessie so she wouldn't be going to the hospital alone. They wouldn't let her get in, and it tore Mrs. Seay up.
      She threw this incredibly pink party for Jessie right before she went to the hospital for tests. She loves Jessie! And Jessie loves her!

Lee Ann       This is a very special angel to the Hall family. Her name is Lee Ann and she has been a very big blessing. She is a woman full of great faith, love, tenderness and concern. She has a very prayerful heart and loves to serve others. She is surely one of the most beautiful and precious angels there are anywhere to be found.

Jessie       This is Jessie being silly for the cameramen. She looked so beautiful this day in her gorgeous pink clothes! A very thoughtful family bought lots of beautiful clothes and shoes for Jessie to have for her Big Send Off. These angels wouldn't dare let us use their names, but we wanted them to know how dear they are, and how much their gifts to Jessie meant to us. Thank you! Their hearts are solid pink!

Running for Jessie       In Lincoln, Nebraska a team of Jessie's Angels got together and ran as the team "Running for Jessie" for a 5K. We were touched that way out in Lincoln, Nebraska people were moved by Jessie and her spunky spirit. Way to go - we are so proud of you!

Denise Koch       This is Denise Koch, from WJZ in Baltimore, Maryland. She's the journalist who has been following Jessie's story during her stay at Johns Hopkins. She has been so compassionate and warm with Cris and Kristi as she has been talking to them about Jessie and her surgery. Denise was a very special angel on June 11th. She was with both Cris and Kristi all day long during Jessie's surgery, offering hope and encouragement. She even was able to go inside the operating room to check on things. We are thankful to Denise for treating Jessie's story with great respect and warmth. She has done a fine job and continues to cover Jessie's fascinating story.

Team of Angels       Here is a team of angels, and very tough ones at that! This is the 2008 Texas State Champs for Fast pitch Softball - the Aledo Ladycats. Did you hear they were #1 in the nation as well? Yup! During the playoff games, the Ladycats began to wear pink arm bands in honor of Jessie, their mini-Ladycat. They prayed for her as a team and even gave her a state medal, just like the one they have. These young women are Jessie's heroes. She wants to play ball just like them one day!

Team of Angels       Here is Samie. She has been visiting Jessie at Kennedy Kreiger and bringing smiles to her face. They've had some interesting conversations about boyfriends and kissing - brought up by Jessie, of course. Samie gave Jessie a private concert with her violin one evening - playing Disney and High School Musical. Jessie loved it! Samie is also the Master Violinist who played for Cris and Kristi at their 20th anniversary dinner!

Dr. Vining       Here is Jessie's neurologist Dr. Eileen Vining. She has the most impressive list of accomplishments and her google list is never ending, but what most impresses the Halls is her ability to make Jessie laugh! When Dr. Vining comes into the room, Jessie is as happy as can be! She has an infectious laugh, is very energetic and compassionate. Dr. Vining has been the architect of Jessie's total health care while at Hopkins. Because of her diligence, Jessie has received the most attentive treatment.

Dr. Ben       This is an angel of magnificent proportions! Dr. Ben Carson is the man who took away Jessie's disease. We are so thankful for him. We think he's very special because he prays before each surgery, and during it - as he feels the need. He says he can feel when people are praying for one of his patients. He also has said that prayer works! We know it does. In Aledo, Dr. Carson is our hero...with wings! We love you, Dr. Carson!

Diana Pillas       Diana Pillas is the Hemispherectomy and Epilepsy Counselor for the Johns Hopkins Epilepsy Center. She is also the Out-of-State Coordinator who did everything to make sure the Hall's transition from Texas to Maryland went smoothly. She set up their housing, EMU stay, rehab with KKI and everything else. She is incredible! Diana is such a warm and compassionate woman. The Hall's were so touched by her kind and gentle manner!

Nickie       This is precious little Nickie and she is from Maryland. She has come up to the hospital a number of times to visit Jessie and also to play games with her. Her Mother saw Jessie's story on WJZ Channel 13 and felt the need to become involved.

      Nickie is about the warmest and most lovable little girl you could ever meet. She is going to be very sad once Jessie leaves Baltimore because she will miss spending time with her. She is totally and completely a Jessie Hall fan!

Marcia       This is Marcia, Jessie's school nurse. You can imagine how invaluable she has been to Jessie and the Hall family. It was always so comforting to know that while Jessie was at school each day, this special angel was watching over her and making sure she was okay. Some days Jessie would go to the nurse's office just to chat and check in with her. Marcia is like Jessie in that everyone who meets her loves her. She is such a special lady and an angel to many children!

Holly       Here is Holly King. She is the driving spirit behind all things in Aledo. She has a store 'Aledo Sports' where she sells all things black and orange - our Bearcat colors. What people don't know about Holly is how much she does for others, but would never tell you herself. Holly went around to businesses collecting goodies for a fabulous care package for Jessie. She is also the angel donating her time and expertise to design and create the items we're selling in The Pinkalicious Boutique! Holly is a very special angel of Jessie's. She moves mountains!

Chandler Zeeb       Here is Chandler Zeeb. She saw a pinked out yard in her neighborhood and asked her parents, Kathy & Jim, what it was for. They somehow found their way to the blog and began reading it daily. Chandler painted signs, decorated Fireman Bob's big yellow fire truck, and rode in the Weatherford Sheriff's Posse Parade promoting Jessie and her website while Jessie was in the hospital. She can't wait to meet Jessie for the first time!

Jan Hall       What a smile! This is someone we'd all love to have as a neighbor. Here is beautiful Jan Hall, from Dallas, and no one has met her yet. She handcrafted some precious little girl's pink bead bracelets for the website to sell and is donating everything to The Hemispherectomy Foundation! She has everyone at her work at Southwest Airlines following Jessie's story. AMAZING!

Jane Stefanik       Some angels are really hard to talk about because their service is so extensive. This is Jane Stefanik. She has brought dinners up to the Hall family on 3 separate evenings, she gave a basket full of games to Jessie and for the entire rehab unit she brought up '4th of July' cupcakes. Jane is also the 'Anniversary Angel' who planned and coordinated the 20th anniversary dinner for Cris and Kristi while they were unable to leave Kennedy Kreiger Institute. She brought decorations, chocolate covered strawberries, candles, her own china, silver, linens, a champagne bucket AND the dinner! As if that wasn't enough, she chauffeured Caren Jennings (a total stranger) all over Baltimore each day when she came to visit Jessie. Jane is tirelessly serving the Hall family and loving every minute of it!

puali       Joann & Jerry Pauli are from Cheyenne, Wyoming and are running all kinds of benefits for The Jessie Hall Hemispherectomy Scholarship and The Hemispherectomy Foundation. They are dear friends of Gary and Nancy Kelley, who are Kristi Hall's parents. They said there are no finer people than the Pauli's. Jerry built a trailer and Joann and Donna Pauli worked hard selling the tickets to raffle it off.

The Welding Shop
508 E. 1st STREET
(307) 632-3294
Joann and Jerry Pauli

Megan Lacefield       This is Megan Lacefield. She is the Children's Pastor at New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks, Texas, where the Halls are members. This little lady is the one who coordinated and spearheaded the 8 day, 24 hour prayer vigil that brought such peace and comfort to the Hall family, and helped the rest of our community feel better about things. Megan is the one who started the pink PRAY FOR JESSIE bracelet craze, and from whom we stole that idea and ran with it here at prayforjessie.org Megan is magnificently bubbly and outgoing and was recently on a couple of news reports regarding the prayer vigil she and her church held for Jessie and the Halls. Megan has been such a blessing to not only the Hall family, but to Parker County! Thanks Megan for your testimony of prayer!

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